A little good news — the joy of about finding purpose

This heartwarming story goes beyond prison reform, prisoner rehabilitation, or even giving back to society; it demonstrates the value of making meaningful art and how it can build and/or change communities. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/prison-inmates-learned-to-quilt-and-now-make-foster-kid-gifts/

A little good news — Art is everywhere to the curious eye

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/artist-creates-stunning-animal-art-from-seashells-anna-chan/ I have to admit that my greatest moments of bliss are walking in beaches and picking up shells. I can spend hours getting in lost in my imagination while looking at sea shells, sea glass, seaweeds, and whatever small treasures the ride leaves on the sand. I usually imagine these things becoming decorations for … Continue reading A little good news — Art is everywhere to the curious eye

A little good news — Reconciliation with a contemporary twist

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/native-american-tribe-in-maine-gets-back-sacred-island/ There are some unceded lands all over the world. If some of these lands are up for sale by private landowners, isn't it our responsibility to try and buy them back for the indigenous peoples of our countries? Surely if 130 acres can go for $500k in Maine USA, then we can start raising … Continue reading A little good news — Reconciliation with a contemporary twist

A little good news… about environmentally cool art

This is cool Dir several reasons... one, the possibility of experimenting with a different paint colour on canvases, and there's more! The possibilities for architecture that contributes to the reduction of global warming!!! http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/purdue-university-indiana-whitest-paint-for-buildings/ Ok, maybe it's the art and science geek in me, but this is really, really cool!!! (The pun might be intended😏)

Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Life Cycles

Dandelions and other similar flowers in their family have a special magic to them, at least for me. On the same plant, we can witness the entire life cycle at the same time. From the burgeoning nib on the stalks to the flower bud, onto the blossom and past to the seeding and decay of … Continue reading Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Life Cycles

A Living Painting

A day in the woods of Rawdon, Quebec... everywhere you looked there was something strange and wonderful to see. In a small area, near the river, we found these odd little caterpillars. I haven't the foggiest idea what the butterfly must look like and I'm not sure I care; this was amazing enough. It was … Continue reading A Living Painting

The Forest Walk

You just have to stop and listen. Suddenly, what you see becomes sound. Your eyes adjust and everything vibrates green. Go take a walk at The Morgan Arboretum. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com

Surrounded By Life

I went for a short walk around the garden as a break from my reading and my mind was open to seeing. I noticed these goldenrod weeds and wondered if they would look more magical up-close. To my surprise, they were full of bees of all sizes and shapes... It made me realize that nature … Continue reading Surrounded By Life

Looks good enough to eat…

These looked soft and fragrant, like oyster mushrooms. I really need to take a course on edible mushrooms! Maybe I was getting hungry when I saw these, maybe it was just my mind transitioning from thinking ahead to being present in the moment... the hunger left and I started hearing and seeing the forest around … Continue reading Looks good enough to eat…

A Natural Choice

I'm continuously fascinated by what happens to the dandelion flower when it turns to seed. I've never seen any plant in the transition from the bright and wet yellow blossom to this bone-dry constellation of seeds. I wonder how it happens. How does each yellow petal change humidity, colour, texture, and shape? These look dead, … Continue reading A Natural Choice