A little good news — we can learn from

If you're anything like me, you find yourself smiling at adorable animal videos on social media at some point during your day. Yes, huge dogs caring for new kittens is adorably cute! Yes, the cat-mom who adopts an opossum or baby bird just makes us saw "awww"! And there are endless other examples of one … Continue reading A little good news — we can learn from


A little good news — the joy of about finding purpose

This heartwarming story goes beyond prison reform, prisoner rehabilitation, or even giving back to society; it demonstrates the value of making meaningful art and how it can build and/or change communities. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/prison-inmates-learned-to-quilt-and-now-make-foster-kid-gifts/

A little good news — about self-esteem

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/self-compassion-researcher-suggests-4-steps-to-overcome-negativity-bias/ Very much worth the read!

There’s nothing like a daughter’s love.

A few weeks ago was my birthday. I have lost interest in celebrating birthdays and this past year during the pandemic I've felt it even less. Also, I feel 54 isn't such a remarkable year; hence the lack of care I had in choosing a candle for my birthday cupcake. (Which, by the way was … Continue reading There’s nothing like a daughter’s love.

A little good news — shared souls and memories

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/frank-o-donnell-milkweed-seeds-monarch-butterfly-daughter/ Just a beautiful story I want to share. It further inspires me to get my butterfly garden finished!

My Autobiographical Pattern – The Prototype before the printing

In discussion with my professor and tech. assistant, it is still unclear to me what colours I will use. They came up with some good questions for me about how I connect the hearts and love to the bamboo. In my head, the hearts and "LO" & "VE" are pop art icons (See previous post … Continue reading My Autobiographical Pattern – The Prototype before the printing

It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Let hope in and know that all things must pass, including all this Covid-19 craziness. Let the darkness dissipate. Let the fear move on and embrace the joyful light. We don't need to get back to what was normal, that is what brought on this acceptance of fear. Be light, be happy, be different, be … Continue reading It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Tears of joy

Book Review: You Made Me A Dad by Laurenne Sala What a wonderful book to read your child... of any age! I loved sharing this with my daughter and getting her hug in return. I can imagine reading this to a class of kids, kindergarten to about grade two. Doing it as a follow-up to … Continue reading Tears of joy

Cute, but what else do I need? You be the judge.

Book Review: Yes Day! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal Please keep in mind that I consider books as teaching tools, especially children's books. I look for one's that offer teachable moments and morality questions that could stimulate discussion. This one could, but I'm not sure it would be obvious to the students. The illustrations are cute.The … Continue reading Cute, but what else do I need? You be the judge.

Letting You Be … You

Book Review: Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor Adorable.A parent's guide to having fun while allowing your children be themselves.A great message about how parent's can show their children they respect them for who they are. Follow Nancy and her amazing family as they nurture her self-expression in the cutest and most supportive way... by being … Continue reading Letting You Be … You