Dustin is the living proof of a person who puts his heart into everything he is passionate about! I’ve had the great pleasure of being at Dustin’s restaurant one evening when it was quiet and we could talk to both him and his wife. My sister-in-law asked Dustin to play the piano for us and we were blown away by the original beauty he created for us on the spot. I got the extra bonus of getting an artist’s explanation of his inspiration and I was inspired to write about these amazing people.

What’s he passionate about? Well, these are the ones I know about…

His Restaurant:

Soho Sushi Lounge is an oasis of peaceful elegance where you can get exquisite food prepared with love by Dustin’s wife, Sarah.

This is constantly our favorite restaurant and I can honestly say that every aspect of it is enjoyable. The whole place reflects the quiet beauty of the owners. The food is amazing, the decor is warm and welcoming, the service is way above the norm, and then there’s the beautiful music always playing at a nice volume. Not always, but often it is from Dustin’s first CD. He humbly stays quiet about it, but his compositions are everyone’s favorites. If you don’t believe me go see on Yelp & Trip Advisor. This is a dining experience you have to have!

His Music:

You won’t find much information and no videos of Dustin playing online, much to my chagrin and the regret of his lovely wife. He plays spontaneous pieces that seem impossible to believe they haven’t been practiced for years. His whole being plays the music. His fingers float over the keys with the ease of a grand master. I couldn’t bring myself to ask him his influences, I just didn’t want to compare his work to anyone but him. He has a CD for sale at the restaurant and I urge you to get it and encourage him to make more. You have to ask him to play if you get there when it isn’t too busy!

His Wife:

Dustin very endearingly tells inquiring guests that Sarah is the love of his life and he is so completely earnest and genuine that everyone falls in love with her too. We all gave her a hug! 

She is as humble about herself as he is about himself, claiming her mother is the genius chef, not her. Then we get to see how Dustin praises her and she him, each for the others talents. They are a beautiful couple. Just another reason I love going to their restaurant.

His Spirit:

Like his music, he floats in a contagious state of happiness. Even when he described the challenge he has at playing music with others, because he currently doesn’t read music, it felt peaceful instead of regretful. He’s learning at his speed and that made him smile. He expressed gratitude in every sentence and love.

Dustin & Sarah are genuinely beautiful people. I hope we will all see much more of them and that the whole world can be touched by these two kind souls. Until that time, the world will have to come to them and experience them at the restaurant!

What are you waiting for?

I mean it, please visit them, you’ll love the experience!


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