Name: Mother Nature

Profession: Artists

I’ve started noticing the beauty and unique oddness of things growing all around me in gardens. Nature has its own sense of artistry and storytelling. Enjoy.

The Colony:

What lives in these little mushroom structures?

The Colony

Starting From The Bottom:

Each artist follows certain techniques until they master their style, then they build in their heads and put it on canvas. Here Mother Nature builds her story upwards.

Starting From The Bottom

Nature’s Abstract:

This odd yellow fungus has a life cycle I’ve never noticed before. It grows in patches from no perceptible source, turns a bright yellow before your eyes, stays for a few hours, then turns orange, to red, to black, to again nothing, all before your eyes. It’s amazing.

Nature's Abstract

Natural Jackson P:

If you can, watch any video footage of how Jackson Pollock painted and you can imagine that Mother Nature may be doing the same from time to time.

Natural Jackson P.

Ghosts of the Cemetary:

This dead dandelion kept popping up in front of my camera while I tried to shoot the tree behind it. It wanted to be caught on film. Why do you think?

Ghosts of the Cemetary

The Dragon’s Eye:

This one is for you, Sabine. I see them everywhere. It’s comforting to believe dragons watch over us.

The Dragon's Eye

Please share what you see in these photos. Different perspectives are always fun!

Have an amazing weekend!

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