Liquitex Basics Gesso Surface Prep Medium:

The Review:

I’ve tried all sorts of gesso and almost all work the same for me.

This is an economical format and has been the best bang for my buck when I need it. I don’t suggest you mix it with paints or tints, but if I’m honest, I haven’t played with that technique enough to tell you it won’t work. The dusty finish is lots of fun to play with and could potentially add effects you may want to your paintings.

I’ve used it almost exclusively with acrylic paints…. almost… some of my oils are over this gesso and it always seems to work fine for me. I haven’t ever tried it under watercolors or Gouaches. If any of you have, please let us how that worked for you in the comments. 

My suggestion is to play with it and find what you like about it.

You can also get black Gesso, or tint this white one with pigments if you have that bent to you.

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Art Supplies: Gesso – The best blank canvas maker!

  1. Hi – I have used Liquitex Gesso – and agree that most Gesso works the same .
    I used to teach elementary art for a handful of years and in some middle school grades we had the chance to paint – and used Gesso for priming the canvas, starting over, or for raised textured areas.
    however, the reason I had to leave a comment (well the second reason) was because some of my most favorite paints ever were Liquitex tubes with acrylic metallic paints. They lasted forever – were easy for middle schoolers – and their modern edgy color options allowed students to paint with colors they loved (like metallic teals, bronze-gold) – and the tubes lasted forever – were easy to close up and seriously some of my favorite paints. 🙂

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      1. Oh that sounds extra cool!
        We did use glow in the dark for different lessons over a few years – I had two different brands – but not the awesome liquitex – at that time still did not use it and was using standard catalogue school order options – anyhow – one set of the glow in the dark was a bunch of discontinued paint and hope it held up for the students.
        But your halo effect is something I’ll keep in mind for future stuff – just in case – 😉

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