The Best Tree We’ve Had So Far!

With the weather going up and down, no snow yet on the ground, and the juggling of a very busy work schedule, I haven’t taken a moment to consider what time of year it is.

Yesterday, we made time to get our Christmas tree, not entirely feeling the spirit yet and rationalizing the merits of another fresh-cut tree over a self-lit artificial one. We told ourselves we were doing it this one last year as a special present for our extended family of friends we have over on Christmas Eve and then started looking at the price of these fresh trees. We almost gave up on the idea of a real tree and the utter lack of enthusiasm from the vendor nearly turned us away completely, until we saw this tree.

I’ve never bought a tree like this before. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect, in my opinion. So, we paid the sum and it felt much less than it should have been. That was the first sign this is a special tree. We tied it to the roof of the car and headed home with our first real sign of X-mas! We brought up the decorations, bucket to put the tree in and the lights that usually send me into a frustration only reserved to husbands, or so my wife teases me into believing. The second sign this is a special tree, it was easy and fun to put the light on it, and my patient wife helped, while I didn’t get frustrated even a little bit.

The tree is huge in our living room and we wondered if it would fit. The third sign it’s special. It fits perfectly in the corner near the window, so people looking in can see the beauty of it. Even before we put the decoration on, I commented how beautiful it is. Then my wife, daughter and I decorated it with a few special ornaments and I repeated several times that I feel this is the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had. It feels very, very special. And maybe I’m repeating this a lot, but it seems to be true as both my wife and daughter agree.

I am so very grateful for this past year and this tree has opened the floodgates of X-mas spirit in our home. I wish all of my readers, followers, family, friends, and everyone a very Joyous Holiday Season, be it Christmas, Mawlid, Kwanza, Hanukah, and all the other reasons to celebrate with family and friends! Bless you, all! Merry Christmas!


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