A Tree For Judas

Using a handmade marking brush: the handle is made from bamboo and jute twine, with a few threads of coloured yarn. The brush is from cut-up strands of guitar chords. The India ink pooled onto the thicker cords and left drips on the paper, which the finer chords were able to move around. I saw … Continue reading A Tree For Judas

Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Pushing Boundaries of Differentiation

Yes, I know...yet another photo of my beloved Japanese maple! What can I say? I really love it and get so much joy from the inspiration it delivers. This shot is all about textures for me. I zoomed in as close as I cool and then played with resolutions to get the distortions from the … Continue reading Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Pushing Boundaries of Differentiation

Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Rooted In Beauty

I seem to always get stopped in my tracks by exposed roots. These very old cedar roots are a perfect example. I see the inspiration for many fantasy landscapes and cityscapes, hiding places for monsters and inconspicuous doorways into the Faerie realms. Blur the focus, change the contrast, remove the colour and the whole scene … Continue reading Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Rooted In Beauty

A Break In The Trees

A beautiful day in The Morgan Arboretum... walking and listening to the abundance of life all around us... we had a magical experience. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com

The Trees Have Ears

Perhaps this is a little obvious as a title. I saw the title the moment I saw the mushrooms growing on this tree trunk. I must have said the title out loud while taking the shot because, by the time I was returning past this stump a few hours later, most of them had mysteriously … Continue reading The Trees Have Ears


These sorts of images bring me a great deal of pleasurable anxiety! I tend to take hundreds of them; seldom really knowing why I'm attracted to the shot. A tension arises in my chest as I frantically search for what I'm seeing. My eyes rapidly move back and forth across the vision I've framed in … Continue reading Textures

Shadows & Skin

Imagine wandering the Canadian tundra after a long dry season and finding the desiccated and destroyed carcass of something unrecognizable. There's no sign of fur, only thick and deeply creviced skin. Could it be the remnants of a mammoth uncovered by the retreating glaciers? Could it be what's left of a walrus dragged miles by … Continue reading Shadows & Skin

Forrest Sentinel

On a recent trip to the Laurentians, I was walking in the forest behind the pace we were staying. I came across this I posing sentinel standing in a small clearing. Clearly dead, desiccated, rotting, and pecked, and yet... somehow standing strong and imposing. The hole in the upper side sometimes looked like an eye, … Continue reading Forrest Sentinel

Andy’s Practice Space

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's work... I could imagine him wandering around small woods, dragging logs, branches, and trees this way and that, playing with how the natural light shines across the amazing textures, casting incredible shadows across the composition and his imagination. His photos always seem to force the eye to wander on a path. … Continue reading Andy’s Practice Space

Growth & Beauty

We inherited these ratty old shrubs in front of our house when I bought my house a decade ago. They had been trimmed in all sorts of bad ways and needed to rebound. In the first year, I added new earth around their bases, watered them carefully, trimmed off the dead branches, and hoped for … Continue reading Growth & Beauty