Canadian Waiting

Waiting for the rain to stop

Waiting for Tim’s Double-Double to get cold

Waiting for Sherry Ulrich to finish her playlist on the CBC, while she rhapsodizes the great merits of Dave Gunning, and he is great!

Waiting for my little family to finish volunteering at the bird rescue center

Waiting to understand and fully incorporate The Secret into my being

Waiting for my inner wealth to become my outer wealth

Waiting for my ears to hear the voices of my guiding angels

Waiting for my heart to be permanently full and empty at the same time

Waiting for the beauty all around me to love me

Waiting to be… me.


Originally written on June 17th, 2017

Notes: I had the rare opportunity to sit quietly in my car and wait for a few hours. I was actually looking forward to the quiet time to refuel a little in the spot I picked under countryside trees. With the radio to keep me company, I let my mind wander.

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