Part 11 – Dreaming with  Blues Soundtrack

I love blues & jazz music, a lot!!!

This series grew out of my memories of when people still smoked in bars and we would find ourselves fully immersed in an evening of booze-soaked blues and jazz, surrounded by spectators, artists, thieves, and musicians. All of us unified and safely swaying together to the ecstasy of the music. Our collective imaginations providing individual hallucinations and delusions of stardom, as we sang the words we thought we knew, or hummed along to the rhythm that moved us.

Every now and again I revisit these memories and add new chapters to the mind stories. Lately, these additions have taken me outside the bars and transposed both me and the musicians into the great outdoors for grander tributes to the moon.

I hope you enjoy these images I managed to capture before they were sold. There are others out there, in homes I’ve forgotten, given as gifts for the appreciations I’ve received. If anyone recognizes them, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to reconnect with the owners and hear the life stories of the paintings.


4 thoughts on “500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity – Part 11 – Dreaming with Blues Soundtrack

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