Ok, so the advice I’m getting here is invest early, watch it closely, read a lot about trends, and sell ‘at the right time’.
Sounds, like every other kind of investment, except, Cryptocurrencies come with a greater unknown factor and loads of knowledgeable folks planting a cautious fear. Ie: it might be a bubble so watch out. In this article we have the mysterious emphasis that it could be a double bubble.

Uh, huh!

This does seem to be the most profitable get-rich-quick investment right now, but investing does seem to be all about timing.

My takeaway on this is learn how to invest and take control of it yourself. Cryptocurrencies are not the same thing as old world blue chip stocks, they are volatile commodities and will rise and fall with demand.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “If You Invested $100 In Ripple In January 2017, What Would You Have Now? | Investopedia

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