Part 13 – Just A Few Abstractions 

The fun of making abstract paintings is the joy of uncovering perceptions, visions, and ideas when we change our way of looking at the world.

Whether I’m starting with a story, a feeling, or an image in mind, or when I am able to completely let go and let the materials guide my hand, I love the secret worlds that are created in my abstracts. Oddly, at the same time, I have chosen to not make them too frequently. I think they take more from me than all the other forms of painting, drawing, or sculpture I make. Only in photo-manipulation, I feel the energy flow of inspiration turn inwards. I give out more energy with my abstracts. I put in more materials, more creative and technical effort, and end up in stronger battles against self-criticism. This is why I rarely keep my abstracts and why I’m only sharing “just a few” here now. I am not sure what this says about my personality. What do you think?

Regardless, I invite you all to turn these around and look at them from different angles, explore them from all the perspectives you can think of.

Please share what you see with us all here.

I’m infinitely grateful for and never tire of hearing the vastly diverse interpretations of my abstract work.


4 thoughts on “500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity – Part 13 – Just A Few Abstractions

      1. Cool! I’m so grateful you liked them.
        I think abstraction is a natural progression for me, because when I was younger and more naive, when people asked me what my work was about, I would launch into a long explanation that said virtually nothing followed by “what do you see?”
        Now, I make abstracts out of sheer pleasure in playing with materials. I no longer explain these works, other than maybe sharing an influencer or feeling, and I still ask what viewers see. These vision in my work that others see have become equally enjoyable, if not more so than what I felt when making the pieces.

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