My wife, daughter, and I recently decided to get more animal friendly in all our consumption choices.

The easiest and most emotional has been to eliminate meet from our diets.

It’s been the simplest for my wife, as she is deeply moved by the treatment of animals and beautifully sensitive to their pain and fears.

For me it was more ecological and part of my ongoing rants in support the planet and the facts that it takes way too much land, grain, and water to get a steak to the table. The seemingly endless supply of horrific film footage from factory farms. And knowledge of what Jamie Oliver did when he proved to the Supreme Court that A certain not to be named, major junk food chain, let’s call them MacVoldemort, serves meats not suitable for human consumption.

Well, I like thinking and thinking of nice things, so I rather not think of dying animals.

All this ranting to say a happy thing!!!!

Our menus, food experiences, and options have exploded without meat!!!

I’m including our little feast last night that included something called jackfruit.

It tasted awesome!

By itself it has even less taste than tofu, but if you’ve explored tofu, you know it’s an amazing flavour sponge.

Well, so is jackfruit, only it doesn’t have a spongy texture. It’s a little like artichoke hearts in texture… or chicken.

Anyway, here’s a few quick pics.

There’s more to come.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Veganland

    1. I have a feeling you will be very correct on this, Anthony!

      I, for one, have no cravings for meat at all.

      If not, put in front of me, I just don’t think about it as an option.

      There’s still much more to try!

      I’m loving this adventure!


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