For many years I’ve dreamt of having a boutique gallery that sells beautiful decorations, furniture, and art.

The focus is on the use of salvaged items, found objects, recycled materials, and discarded treasures.

About a year ago I wrote down the name of my gallery and stuck it on my wall: FOUND.

This idea has been growing in my head stronger and stronger everyday!

Everyday I see or hear about “upcycling”, “bespoke”, and “reused” designers, AND I’M EVEN MORE EXCITED!!!

Yesterday, I binged my way through the Netflix series called “Money For Nothing ” and it got me so wired up that I couldn’t sleep for all the ideas bouncing around my head.

I’ve been toying with several site to sell arts & crafts for years, like Pixels & Flickr, and only recently opened accounts on Etsy & eBay.

Yesterday, in a moment of quiet, all the excuses I’ve told myself over the years for not doing this came crashing down and I saw that something has been preparing me for this dream to come true.

I’m listening now and have every faith it will at the speed it is supposed to and how it is supposed to. I’m going with it and can’t wait to see what I can create.

I’m stoked to start posting things and will start sharing my store links with every new creation.

In the meantime, if you live in the West-Island, have old stuff you with to get rid of, I will help you find a new home for it. Either by re-imagining it into an new life, or donating it to one or the many charities I currently work with.

It can be anything, please just reach out, share a picture of what you want to get rid of, and let’s see what new life we can bring this once loved item.

Please feel free to also donate here on my blog, as that is a gift I’m always grateful for.

See you soon at FOUND.


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