Part 15 – Sprits On Paper (Paper Shadows & Ghosts)

Deeply influenced by African & Haida Ceremonial masks, Japanese Forest Spirits, Inuit Transformation Sculptures, Bansky’s wall paintings, Picasso’s sketches, and various other whimsies. This gallery goes back and forth in time, as I perceive time in my mind. I’ve always been moved and attracted to Naive, Folk, and Indigenous art for what I perceived as their purity of emotional expressions. Form is not lost, nor is it neglected, but emotion always takes the front stage.

Years of studying these traditional forms of art have taught me that every line and curve is part of the music that makes the sounds I hear in their images. I’ve gone through overthought details to abstract minimalism and worked back & forth to achieve the loudest sounds with the simplest lines. What follows are two series that I hope will express the emotions and music I heard while painting them.

The Ghosts are a group of forest spirits one might expect to find in non-Western Mythology. I see them moving around the page like the shadows thrown off by a flickering of a candle in a dimply lit room.

The Paper Shadows are more sinister and more comical. There’s a touch of Film Noir and Pulp Fiction illustration about them. The narratives I created in my mind while painting them reminded me of the old radio shows like The Shadow. There’s always a sense of melancholy in this series, and perhaps that is just where my heart was when I painted them. Perhaps it’s the feeling of impermanence that comes from using a washed water-colour medium.

You will also find here a few odds and ends, including a piece that turned into an adventure in digital remastering, because I couldn’t capture the original tones correctly with any cameras I had on hand, and some Angels & devils who started their life as sketches for a series of sculptures that haven’t made it out of the studio… yet.

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