Repurposing the discarded into something beautiful and useful again!

I found this old, filthy, and ratty tool box on the side of the street. It was covered in construction materials, full of old pipes, bolts, and assorted construction detritus.

Old Tool Box

It spoke to me and I couldn’t pass it by! I saw how well it was build and I was sure I could make something useful of it again. More than that, I felt I could add some beauty to it.

Art Box 3Art Box 2

With a little elbow grease, some loving attention, and an intention to give my daughter some much needed storage for her art supplies, and VOILA!

Art Box 1

The surprises I loved to discover were the innate beauty in plywood. There are several tones and grains of wood used in this composite lumber and when waxed and polished , they come out beautifully. They added that little extra detail I needed to highlight the legs salvaged from an old Mid-Century side table and repurposed to give this very weighty box a touch class and elegance.


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