The Transformation continued…Side Table Before 1

Do you recall where this one started? Take a quick peek at Lovely Lines Side table – Rescued & Refurbished Part 1Lovely Lines Side Table 4


I wasn’t certain of the colour choice I made. I couldn’t get my heart into the matte surface finish and couldn’t grab a picture I liked a lot.


I found this really fun purple. The label called it aubergine, and it has some of that deep indigo in it. The surface too forever to dry. That may be due to the heat/humidity wave we are suffering through right now. It kept showing my fingerprints in the surface when I touched it. I really dislike that. So, I decided to seal it with a clear super-gloss varnish.

Then the unwanted happened and I knocked it off the table I was working on and caught it mid air, but not before a nice scuff ran across the surface. Well, my stream of expletives served only to relieve my own frustration and I was left with to do with the scuffed top. I painted another coat of the eggplant purple and prayed it would dry in the humidity. It did something unexpected. I should have expected it, as it is an effect I’ve used before on my paintings when working with acrylics. The latex based purple base, as it dried on top of the acrylic based varnish coat, started to crack ever so slightly and leaving a fabulous antique feel to the modern lined surface.

Well, this was a fun discovery and since I’m so dedicated to following the lead of my friend happenstance, I went ahead and layered a couple of more coats of alternating paint and varnish. Finishing the whole thing with three layers of varnish. Now; no more fingerprints and a clean, shiny surface with a modern-antique finish. Perfect as a small bench or side table.

Lovely Lines Side Table Refinished

Ps: Right now it will be on Found. I’m working on a new website.


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