“Where I am is constantly changing to something better. It’s fun to know that things are always working out for me, and I see evidence of that everyday. I’m always accommodated.” by Abraham Hicks

I’ve been working with The Artist Way by Julia Cameron and doing an exercise that asks me to write a affirmation ten times in a row and record the inner voice that blurts out negative objections to that affirmation. There’s more to this exercise, as those who’ve done the program know, but it does shed some serious light on that little bastard voice in my head that eats and eats away at my self-confidence. I’ve tried it with several of Cameron’s suggested affirmations and even made a few for myself. They have always revealed a nasty self-doubt, and once the little shit is out in the open, there’s no way to become unaware of him. Why am I telling you this?

Because, a few days ago I received this quote on Pinterest and while I found it fun to read, I didn’t see it as an affirmation at the time. Not only is this an awesome affirmation to say to yourself, it busts that inner voice to shreds! The voice gets quiet when I write it… all ten times, it stays quiet.

This affirmation sets an intention to accept what exists in the past, present, and future. “I am constantly changing…” This is true in my heart and my head can’t argue it at all. I learn something new everyday and I’ve loved this fact for as far back as I can remember.  For me, something better is when I’m moving forward. When I’m not choosing a swim in my pity pot, I can always find evidence of having moved forward from the previous moment, and that evidence feels really damn fun to me! So, how am I always accommodated?

That depends on your chosen perspective. And yes, you must choose the perspective to see the accommodation of your intentions. I intend to change everyday, to get better everyday, and to see these things as intensions that are working out for me. I feel joy at seeing these changes I intended, accommodated and it is lots of fun to feel joy.

Give it a shot yourself. Say this quote to yourself as you would an affirmation and share how it makes you feel. I’ll not judge, nor argue how you feel. Those are you feelings. For myself, this has been an irrefutably awesome affirmation and I love it!

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