Can I continue going this way?

I’ve been building up my stock of new refurbished furniture and hope to start on new designs of lamps, lighting fixtures, and miscellaneous decor items and ideas. Of course, I want to sell all this stuff, that’s why I build the website for Found – The Repurposed Design Company. Only, I haven’t had the time to put any of the pictures, detailed descriptions and prices up, much less the little stories I wanted to write on each piece. All this takes time.

Now, my competing conundrum is whether I break my 553 day writing streak here on The New Renaissance Mindset, beg forgiveness from my fans and put energy into building the inventory posts for Found, or do I continue posting daily thoughts here?

The only reason this is getting so challenging is my free time is getting more rare and my energy is still adjusting to my new work schedules, so I’m not having the creativity to write until later after dinner. What would you do in my place?

By the way, another bunch of pieces are being offered to me and I’m not sure where I’ll put them. I really need an Angel Investor to move the store & workshop forward. I posted my expected start-up budget in a recent post titled: Angel Investor Wanted

Please help. Oh, and please follow me on Found as well!


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