Ready for the QCNA silent Auction!

I'm up at the beautiful Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa ( for the annual QCNA Gala. I'm so grateful to be able to help my dear friend Richard and support English local newspapers in Quebec by offering some artwork to their silent auction. The weather is gorgeous, the hotel is alive with people, and the … Continue reading Ready for the QCNA silent Auction!

Get Funding For Your Creativity

About the same time I started┬ámy 500 Works of Art... project, I started sharing the art on Patreon to help with crowdfunding my future projects. Patreon is a combination Peer-support system and crowdfunding platform. There are a great many international artists giving away their creative output thanks to Patreon. They give free music, art, and … Continue reading Get Funding For Your Creativity

THE ZONE Newsletter Ed. #9


The Zone Newsletter Edition #8

The Zone Newsletter ed. #6

“The Surprise Of A Meaningful Career Choice.” or “Good Friday, Indeed!”

"The Surprise Of A Meaningful Career Choice." or "Good Friday, Indeed!" Yesterday felt like an affirmation of a lifetime of learning and career choices put into action. First, the power of gratitude is AWESOME! I've been fostering friendships with many local respectables for years. Often struggling to find opportunities to help them and thank them … Continue reading “The Surprise Of A Meaningful Career Choice.” or “Good Friday, Indeed!”

Attention Universe

Dear Universe, Thank you for showing me the amazing benefits and usefulness of the new iPad Pro 12.9" tablet with iPencil. I'm excited to use them to their fullest. Thank you for increasing my creative activities in writing, photography, and graphics. Thank you for inspiring me to document all the amazing activities we are giving … Continue reading Attention Universe

The Zone ed. 3

THE ZONE ed. #1 – Feb 15, 2018

Welcome to the first Club Zone de Lachine Newsletter. My intention is to publish one of these every week, giving you news, volunteering opportunities, fundraising campaigns, calls to action, events, success stories, and much, much more. So, please help me with our Mission to help our kids. See You In The Zone

Helping The Kids at Club Zone of Lachine (Friday’s Folks)

Helping The Kids Of Club Zone The mission of Club Zone is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and, develop confidence and skills for life. We contribute to an improved quality of life for young people through a wide range of programs. … Continue reading Helping The Kids at Club Zone of Lachine (Friday’s Folks)