I won’t go into too much detail about this one. The many times I rewrote the description, I realized how condescending I was sounding. She is a vain person who is looking at herself in the window of a department store. As soon as I labeled her as a window worker, the boobs being out gave me the impression I was showing her as a sex worker in one of those glass booths that are supposed to be in the red light districts of Amsterdam. Needless to say, I’m conflicted about this image and any unconscious or subconscious meanings living in my mind about it.

I am trying to get better at giving honest reflections on my own work. This is something I’ve struggled greatly with in the past, out of fear that I might sound foolish or worst (in my opinion) misunderstood. Well, the hell with that! This is what I feel and I reserve the right to change my mind every time I look at it. my life is full of experiences that influence my perceptions, so I accept that it is ridiculous to forever have the same ones.

You are welcome to share any opinions you have on this simple doodle… so long as you own your opinion in the moment you make it.

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