The explanation comes from the title, or the title comes from the explanation of the face. Either way, this face is both giving a very ambiguous look. I didn’t have any conscious aim for the look it is giving. What does it say to you?

The other explanation for this title comes from a saying I used to get, before I learned to dress myself a little better… The mismatched clothing I would wear was mainly chosen out of typical adolescent disinterest in my appearance. If it was convenient to wear it, I did. Thankfully, I don’t have many pictures of my clothing choices. I could blame it on my parent’s very trendy choices for me as I grew up in the disco era and the fact that brown and dull yellow were the colours of the times for kids, but I know better now. Sorry, I’m rambling.

This figure also seem to be challenged by what to wear, as the ruffly shirt collar seems to indicate. I added it before I even realized how funny it would look and decided to keep it for the amusement and oddness it adds to this already very odd looking person.

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