I usually start much earlier in the season to capture little buds growing around the house and get the colours when they seem most vibrant. I wasn’t able to until last weekend when I put my camera on an automatic setting for natural daylight portraits. Here are a few of the shots I got. I am showing you the first four with a few minor edits to them. For the most part, the camera caught more than I thought it did, so I didn’t tweak much. The rest are as is. I don’t think I’ll play with them.

1 – The First Rose

The First Rose

I zoomed in on it to get a full screen of colour and through the view finder it seemed much lighter. The petals were already soft even though this is a blossom that opened the morning I caught it on camera.

2 – New Blossom

New Blossom

I’ve taken pictures of flowers from this plant in the past. It’s the over 75 year old peony plant from my Nono’s garden. I transplanted it to a new garden box under my kitchen window last fall. This year the flowers are very different. There are pink petals growing out of the yellow centre. I’ve never seen that before. It makes a for a beautiful colour contrast and the pollinators seem to love it too.

3 – A Look Inside

A look Inside

Here’s another transplant behaving differently. Maybe I never noticed how the inside was formed before, because where it was before had too much sun and the flower wilted quickly. Here again, there appears to be a second flower growing from the centre of the pollen patch. There are also many degrees of purple-pink in this flower that fade to a beautiful pale lavender as the blossom ages. I wonder if the tiger striping is this plants baby camouflage, because it disappears almost completely with age.

4 – Hybrids


I thought this was the same species as the previous photo, but you can see here yellow in the petals that the other lacks. This one is also a transplant. I wonder how the change of location could have affected the colours.

Others & Raw Photos

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