There’s This One Rule of Success They Hardly Ever Talk About

There’s This One Rule of Success They Hardly Ever Talk About
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This is awesome and so true! The other day I was trying to move a big tick in my garden. Ok, it’s a small boulder. I had my wheelbarrow on its side so I could roll the rock into it, which I did. Then I lifted the side of the wheelbarrow upright, because I had greater leverage to do so. What I didn’t account for was the rock rolling in the barrows bin.

It rolled, tilted the barrow the other way away from me and fell over on the other side. My stumble was that I couldn’t let go of the tilting barrow in time. It catapulted me over the rock and falling barrow, I did a somersault in the air, and again on the ground on the other side of the rock and barrow, and landed hard on my butt. I painfully racked my legs on the legs of the barrow as I went over too. What I did next wasn’t planned at all. I raised my arms in the air a let out a small shout of “Ta Da”!

I don’t care who may have seen me, I was laughing at how I imagined the whole scene must have looked. All I could think of was if I could somehow have this on film, it would be a YouTube sensation.

I’m glad I danced then, because my bruises remind me I can’t right now, but the giggles from the memory are easing the pain.

Thank you again, Christian Mihai for sharing excellent articles!!!

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