An Introduction

Please join me on an exploration of perceptions and awareness of self and the universe. For the next 21 weeks, I will be sharing inspirational quotes that come to me daily and seek to better understand what they mean. The images come from Pinterest and I’m convinced the quotes are coming because I’m calling them somehow. Part of my goal in doing this, is to possibly discover where they are coming from and get abettor grasp of the law of attraction in action. 

The one thing I’m quite certain of is that I will be listening to my own voice, becoming more aware of any external voices, and getting an evolution of self-understanding. The other thing I’m certain about is that not only will I be changed after twenty one weeks of intentional learning, the world will be different too. 

This experience will be enhanced by community and interaction, so please add your voice to each day’s exploration. I’ll be asking a guiding question at the end of each post. You are very welcome to answer it, or add you own reactions, questions, comments, and observations. 

Let’s change the world together!!! 

Ps: each day will be categorized under “21 weeks to awareness” and have the hashtag #21weekstoawareness . Please share each day under the same hashtag. 

4 thoughts on “21 Weeks To Awareness

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