It’s been a busy year for creative outputs and there’s no slowdown ahead. There’s also been a lot of self-awareness learning going on around here lately. Amazingly, a lot of it revolves around the benefits of a more decluttered life. So, we’ve been contemplating the pros and cons of what to do with all our stuff and how to declutter it all.

A great many objects have sentimental value to us and have been hard to part with, but we decided not was time to make them available to own and share the beauty we’ve lived with for so long. Call it a Law of Attraction thing, or simply that I need mind-space to create new works of art. Regardless, I’m letting go of my work and so is my family.

Over the next few months, I will be posting here unique creations that will be available to own. For those you are interested in, I invite you to private IM me through my Instagram or Facebook page, or feel free to leave a comment right here.

For now, you can see what’s available to own, and possibly cajole me into releasing some I’m yet uncertain of, on these two websites: Arts M.Perron & Found-The Repurposed Design Company.


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