“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth”

By Unknown

I take this to mean that we only do ourselves a disservice by relying on the judgement of others to define our self-worth. I’ve done this my whole life and it’s a terribly tenacious habit to break. It shows up in so many of my life scenarios, I can hardly see my way past it. 

I think the first step toward healing is mindfulness.

I have to consciously remind myself that I am not the work I do. 

It can be great, or not and that has nothing to do with who I am as a whole being. I accept that on occasion I lose motivation or interest and allow myself to do a lesser job. 

I also have to remind myself to look for feedback from people who could either appreciate what I am trying to do and/or push me to do better. Too many times in my life have I sought the feedback, especially on my creative work, of people who don’t have the experience I have, not the understanding of the inspirations that helped me create my art. The result has only ended f as additional validations that I’m not good enough. This is a current self-perception I am diligently working to change. 

Here’s a new mantra for me, and you, if you want it: “My value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s ability to see my worth, even if that someone is me. Remember that I always have value; I only need to express it, to nurture its growth.” 

What does this quote mean to you?

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