Another example of the persistence of life. Like many of my plants, I find them on walk, this time deep in a vast filed of wild growth. This amazing plant was growing out of a dry mud patch. The earth was so dry and hard packed, that I broke the small shovel I was using to try and dig it out. The roots also broke when I pulled it up. I played it in a vase of water, in the sun and new roots sprouted in only a few days.

I originally intended to use a forming wire to shape the truck so it would grow in a more traditional bonsai shape, but when I planted it, the natural form it took pleased me so much, I didn’t want to change. It feels as if it’s stretching to stand tall and tell us how strong it can be, despite the adversity of being uprooted.

The pot is hand-built and tapped to form a sturdy base. Made from a heavily groged stoneware body called Sheba Raku. It stays a nice white when unglazed. I wanted that white to remain and add extra contrast for the brightly glazed interior. I splotched and splattered the outside surface with pure pigment stains, iron oxide, and a manganese infused engobe.

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Reaching for Nirvana 1
Reaching for Nirvana
Reaching for Nirvana

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