Take a little time hunting through my “Repurposed” posts on The New Renaissance Mindset and you’ll find an ambitious project I started last summer. I salvaged this old rundown cabinet that was tossed in the garbage.

It was in a pitiful state and I di in fact take pity on it. I dragged it home in a wheelbarrow, with the help if my wife and daughter. We set it down in the driveway and I quickly dove into it. First taking it apart and gently shooing out the wildlife that infested it, then carefully disinfecting it with very hot vinegar water. I sat to dry for a few days in my garage, before I sanded away the warn and gummy layers of shellac. Then it sat in the garage amidst a load of other projects until this Spring.

I brought into the house and painted the inside with turquoise chalk paint and went hunting for new handles. A much harder hunt than I expected. So, I used some cool hammered pewter spray paint to transform the handles and knob. I reassembles the whole thing in my foyer where it now stands waiting for our coats, hats, scarves, and visitors approval.

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