Mark-Making With Ephemeral Materials

Artist Statement It’s been a long journey to my fascination for using found, fragile, and ephemeral materials in my art making process; the reasons transition through various life considerations: financial, identity evolutions, and social consciousness. Each of these qualities forces me to let go of the notions of judgements and allow myself to discover hidden … Continue reading Mark-Making With Ephemeral Materials


A little good news — about repurposing

A little good news — about amazing art I love found object art and almost any artwork that transforms recycled materials. Check out @sugarfox_art

A little good news — about changing our consumer habits This is an idea very close to my heart!!! Remade ( is changing the consumer mindset... I've been dreaming about doing something similar for years: repurposing, upcycling, repairing thrown away items (mostly furniture) into beautiful new decor ideas! This group of amazing people have figured how to take an old idea and make it … Continue reading A little good news — about changing our consumer habits

Butterfly Garden – Making a bed for the flowers

Sticking to my usual goal of recycling as much material as possible, I raked the whole area as flat as possible and used the trunks and branches of the cut-down cedars to make my flower box. I called-out for indigenous seeds (on Facebook) and bought others online. I decided to cover the ground with nutrient … Continue reading Butterfly Garden – Making a bed for the flowers

Butterfly Garden – Re-arranging the land

II had several odd cedar trees around my property that I wanted to use and tons of rocks uncovered by the plumbers' digging, so I decided to use these to cover a few eyesores next to my house: the air-conditioning unit; a compost bin / leaf dump; and some storage items for the winter garden. … Continue reading Butterfly Garden – Re-arranging the land

“The Desk” – A Mid-Century Cool-ification

... It moved around with me for a while, before sitting in storage in my parents' basement for a good 20 years. When my parents finally sold their home, I reclaimed it with the intension of restoring it to its original glory... the only problem was that I didn't like how it looked... originally...

The Little Piano Table

Originally posted on Found - The Repurposed Design Company Have ever told you before how much I enjoy salvaging furniture? This little fellow was lost under a pile of broken Ikea shelves when I found him. I thought art was just some small bench or couch-side table. Imagine my surprise when I could open it … Continue reading The Little Piano Table

Rustic Markings Brush: “Ephemeral”

This is my first attempt at making a marking tool, but it won't be my last. I've been studying and collecting materials, sketching out ideas, and even letting the muse give me stories about each one.  Ephemeral is exactly as its title suggests: every component is exceedingly fragile and yet beautiful. To me there's the … Continue reading Rustic Markings Brush: “Ephemeral”

Transformations with Life #20 (Mother Nature’s Love of Art)

Originally designed as champagne flutes for a Brazilian-Canadian fusion restaurant here in Montreal. The restaurant never got off the ground, but the dozen different prototypes sold like hotcakes. I kept one in storage and only recently discovered it while looking for perfect vessels in my transformation series. The addition of the plant seems to remove … Continue reading Transformations with Life #20 (Mother Nature’s Love of Art)