“No regrets in life. Just lessons learned.” By Unknown

You’ve gotta copy this one out and post it all over you home, office, etc… It’s the essential way to look at failures and regrets. The active part of this is that you must reflect on what you learn in your life experiences, instead of bemoan them and pity yourself. This is a life coach motivational shout. This is your trainer’s no-bullshit shout at you every time you don’t get that one more pump in. You have to scream this one at yourself at every opportunity, not matter the outcome, success or failure. 

If you are successful, it will help you let go of the result, turn it into a lesson learned, and give you focus for the next step, challenge, level, and goal. We grow by learning. Nothing happens to us that we cannot turn into a thought, mindset, or excuse. 

What will you turn your results into?

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