Like this, or not. Share it, or not. It does matter to me, but not for why you might think…

I really want to collaborate and grow something bigger than myself on this!

I just watched this mind bending Ted Talk with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about… well, just watch it and you tell me what it’s about to you!

You see, at first I was fascinated by the title: “How craving attention makes you less creative“. Specifically, how worrying and thinking about getting followers on social media and focusing on Likes never seemed to leave me feeling happy! In fact, it fostered feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem… there just never seemed to be enough and I was always comparing my results (gauged in Follows & Likes) too those of other artists/writers. The whole process sucks! And yet, I feel compelled to get more by giving more time to it. This is by definition, INSANITY! (Continuing to do the same thing over and over again, and always expecting different results. Thank you, Mr. Einstein!)

Furthermore, it seemed to relate to a series of articles and posts on LinkedIn by Marketing & Leadership Guru, Gary Vanyerchuck. The posts I’ve been most attracted to focused on a forward motion mindset. Gary told me (and yes, I feel he’s speaking right at me) to focus on creating content. (Say the word ‘PERIOD’, to emphasize this point!) He t on to advise the practice of stop worrying about how it is received, who is receiving it, and, for the love of God (or Pete, or whomever) strop beating yourself up about the possible flaws in your content. JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD AND POSTING MORE CONTENT.

Ok, I simplified this a little. Dedicate yourself to making the best content you can based on your current knowledge and always keep learning so as to improve your knowledge, and thus you’re content. BUT, just keep moving forward. This understanding came from a recent post on going “Viral”: The Truth About Viral Content. Stop aiming for that one in a billion post and aim instead to achieve a billion quality posts. You will get better and more sustained results. One amazing post will give you brief fame, but when not followed by an even more amazing post, you will fall and see that your overall results haven’t increased much. They the climb back will feel even harder. I’m digressing, back to Gordon-Levitt… sort of.

I was considering a grand statement followed by a grand gesture for this article. I was about to say I would stop spending time following and liking others, and even stop looking at everyone who likes whatever I post. Then two questions rushed into my head: 1 – What if people think I am not giving back and stop liking me? 2 – What has been keeping me away from writing and drawing lately? Well, the answers didn’t please me, and yet they did! I am very grateful for my followers and will most likely continue my practice of liking and following them back. However, the amount of time spent hunting for follows and likes has been the root cause for not creating content. I’m wrapped up in who I’m creating for, not what I’m creating. Bah Humbug!

I lost my focus on why I was sharing in the first place. To make connections, to inspire creativity or thoughts, to show what I made. Why should any of us feel any guilt about that? So, my less grandiose statement will be in the form of an invitation and question to anyone interested. Whatever I post, please add your two cents to it. Let’s start a dialogue or communal discussion and collaborate for a greater understanding!

I’m very much looking forward to discussing stuff with you here, there, and everywhere!


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