“You are alone enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone.” By Maya Angelou

Bloody hell! I may have been reading this one wrong. Or maybe not. It might be telling me that due to the fact that I am alone very often, I have no one else to report to, no one else to justify my actions to, no one else to be accountable to (or for), other than myself. Every decision I take is all on me. I can blame no-one else for my failures than myself. I have no one else around to balance my downward spirals when I’m in doubt. Also, I have no one around to give me those little boosts when I do something good. As a writer and artists, I do spend a lot of time by myself and have recently started feeling very isolated and negative. 

The meaning changes completely when I separate the two sentences. Maybe it’s supposed to be interpreted that way. A call to action! It’s time to get out and be around people, to interact more often, to ask for help, and risk hearing other perspectives. Unless, I do more of this, will I continue to feel like I have nothing of value to offer others? I am starting to think so. Maybe we all need something to prove to others every once in a while. It help build a better understanding to have one’s views challenged from tome to time. Yes, I have been alone enough. I don’t want to be anymore!

Who wants to get together for a beer and talk about some worldly topics?

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Meanings #4: Being Enough is Great!

  1. This quote to me speaks to self-doubt. I wrote a similar post called “what if you were good enough”. I constantly question my value in this world and my value to those I interact with. This quote reminds me that just being me is enough. I should not be a slave to the expectations of others. Thank you for sharing.

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