This is my first attempt at making a marking tool, but it won’t be my last. I’ve been studying and collecting materials, sketching out ideas, and even letting the muse give me stories about each one. 

Ephemeral is exactly as its title suggests: every component is exceedingly fragile and yet beautiful. To me there’s the essence of Wabi Sabi in it. The branch and brush ends are from the hedge outside my house. Both completely desiccated and brittle. I’m not even sure how much ink they would hold for marking. The twine used to bind everything together is still strong, but also very dry. I used no glue or varnishes to solidify the binding, because I fell in love with the fragile beauty of it.

It makes for a very interesting wall hanging. 

Dimensions: The whole thing is about 25″ (63.5cm) long.
Available to own: $20 (plus shipping and handling)

There will be more such explorations in recycled, found, and repurposed materials at FOUND

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