“No matter what you do, someone will always talk about you. Someone will always question your judgement. Someone will always doubt you. So, just smile and make the choices you can live with.” By www.awakening-intuition.com 

There is such peace of mind in totally accepting the inevitable. Accepting that others will disagree with me isn’t the hardest part of this wisdom; letting go of wanting to be right about what I think is. 

I spend more than enough time alone to voice any debate from others about my thoughts, but that has opened the door to a more terrible habit. I have raging debates between my inner voices, and more often than I want to experience the competing voices are arguing for bad or worst outcomes. It’s only my initial inner voice, the one that says “Just Do It and let the outcome reveal whatever it’s supposed to”, that always feel good. In fact, that voice seems to always carry a gentle scream of “This is AWESOME” with it. Frankly, I feel like some idiot who keeps sicking his hand in the fire and wonders why he gets burned every time, when I ignore that initial voice. 

It appears that this statement is a reminder that doubt comes not only from external sources, but also from internal voices. I think these voices are past-fear and future-worry voices. So, if what they say feels like fear or worry, treat them like external voices; smile and make the choices I can live with. ie: the ones that feel good! 

What does this quote mean to you?

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