Every now and then, I look through old sketchbooks to see if there are any unused pages left that can be recycled or repurposed for new projects. I usually find forgotten drawings that make me shout in my head WTF was I thinking when I drew this? This is a great example. These days, I realize that my subconscious is working overtime to solve my stresses and dilemmas (yes, I’m being purposefully dramatic!). I needed to get drawing and just haven’t heard my muse for over a week. I called to her yesterday and this odd drawing surfaced today. It’s not new, but the feeling of bliss I get from it is. And the feeling is very welcome! It’s very nice to know my inner voice can give me what I need, even when I don’t always know exactly how to ask for it.

See more at Arts M.Perron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com

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