“Intuition will find you when you follow the nudges of your soul.” From morethanameatsuit.com 

This is true every time for me. I’m really not sure why I don’t always follow those nudges. Perhaps it’s fear of commitment or just momentary laziness. Whatever it is, I can’t think of an example when I a strong internal inspiration (ie intuition) when I followed that nudge. Most recently, it has been to follow readings of my Archangel oracle cards. They break my ruts and guide me to something different every time. It may not always be the answer I’m expecting or hoping for, but that has more to do with realizing I’m asking the question that avoids the real thoughts in my mind. So, they nudge me back to my gut feelings. They nudged me to action and then nudged me to the answer inside me. 

I just felt the pull to do one while writing this and I pulled Clairsentience from Archangel Raguel. Telling me to listen to my repeated feelings and instincts. Basically to follow my heart. I’ve been preaching to everyone, especially my daughter, to follow their hearts, it will always lead them to something good. So, listen closely…

What is your gut telling you right now?

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