“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not the person we were in the past.” By Marie Kondo

I look around my office space as I reread this quote and realize the clutter is holding me back. I have stacks of unsorted bills and receipts, old comic books that I want to sell, books yet to read, a file cabinet full of stuff, and shelves packed with more stuff. On top of this, I have a wall covered with older quotes I printed out over a year ago and wrote about in the daily journal I kept back then. In a nutshell, my office is all about my past. My garage, workshop, storage space, closet, etc are all the same. 

What do I need to be me going forward? My laptop, some art supplies, some school supplies, a little furniture. Yup, it really is time to declutter all this stuff! Breath out! 

Wow! I just felt lighter and started seeing what I could remove from here to make this a better living space. Fantastic! I’m imagining a clearer space. It feels like a blank canvas and that is always a symbol of possibilities to me. 

What stuff do you have that is anchoring you in the past?

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Meanings #8: We are where we live

  1. What a breath!

    I also have a tendency to clutter, but an equally ferocious tendency to clear/throw away (donate) in large chunks. I have the life changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo on my shelf. My living space feels like a sanctuary to me at the moment. So I’m grateful for that. That’s a good question… I can’t think of physical stuff that’s anchoring me in the past… off the top of my head, probably my journals. Now I am wondering if Marie Kondo influenced this area of my life. 😀

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