Charcoal sticks and a little coloured charcoal rubbed over the page, blended, rubbed again, and blended again, then outlined… the end result is filled with pain and anguish. It reminded me of photographs of wounded soldiers, where it was hard to tell if the moment the camera captured was of them immobilized by their pain,  or dead with the pain still written on their faces. The choice to make a disproportionately large face was to emphasize the pain.

Why I chose this image is hard to say. As my normal practice, I found an image that spoke to me, in this case, a drawing, and intended to do a rough copy of it. As soon as the first stroke of charcoal on paper occurs, I let go of control and my hand-mind takes over to create what you see. Only once it’s finished does the story behind it start to form in my head. I’m in a deliciously dark mood today. For me, that isn’t about residing in darkness; rather it’s about excising the darkness. It’s a happy mood.

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