“Mistakes are proof we are trying.” From johnbiccard.com 

This one shook me a little more than I expected. I had to stop and think if I was making mistakers anywhere and what they might be. Is procrastination a mistake of sorts? Perhaps it is. I have a project to do that involves writing something I have no interest in. It would only be about forty hours of work and really doesn’t require too much energy or emotion. The only thing is I really don’t feel like doing it, so I’ve been dragging my feet. Simply put, it’s boring. Not the work, just the subject matter. So, if this is making a mistake on my part, what am I trying to do? 

The biggest struggle and energy investment I’m making right now is trying to figure out what I really want… in life, work, job, creativity, etc… Perhaps not doing what I don’t want, even though it will provide some financial gain, is my way of trying to achieve what I do want. Or maybe I’m justifying my laziness or something deeper, leaving the relative (known) comfort of my unhappiness. That never really made sense to me, in that I have always dreamed of living off my creativity, not for any celebrity, but for the pure joy I get in creating. Well then, lat leaves the possibility that I’m lazy. I know this isn’t true either, well mostly. 

For things I enjoy I will move heaven and earth to get them done and always feel motivated to overdeliver. For things I don’t enjoy, well… I struggle to get motivated. I easily fall into wasteful procrastination. I can’t even pick myself up to do things I love instead. I just withdraw. That always feels like a mistake and I have judged myself for it. I’m probably overthinking all this. Right now I’m determined to be happy, so anytime I procrastinate, instead of going down the rabbit hole of self-recrimination, I can accept that I’m making a mistake and that it proves I’m still trying to do something. Let it go. Let it be. Move on. Phew, that feels better. 

What do you think about this quote?


3 thoughts on “Friday’s Frequencies #8: Yay! I made a mistake!

  1. I guess it all depends on context doesn’t it. 🙂 Sometimes mistakes are where the beauty lies. Sometimes I like making mistakes when I’m at the piano because it breaks the pattern I’m in and something emerges that otherwise would not have. In any system, even education… the requisite is sometimes… can you jump through this hoop and how well can you do it. I feel that one.

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    1. Absolutely! I’ve been reading a lot about Wabi Sabi and the beauty of mistakes over the years, and I’ve come to a great passion for the uniqueness that emerges from mistakes. It has be the guiding intention for all my ceramics works, and is finally surfacing in my drawing and painting as well.

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