“Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found.”  By Lao Tzu

Have faith, everything happens when it should. I know you’ve heard this before. The law of attraction tells us to set our intention and let it go into the universe. Many religions tell us something similar about prayer. The part many of us struggle with is the actual action of letting go. So let’s dig a little deeper and try to rephrase some of this quote, just to see how it feels. 

To manifest what we want, we must believe we already have it. Stop leaving the belief that you have it and you will arrive at getting it. 

To manifest you must focus on having what you want, not the lack of having it. Stop searching for what you want outside, because searching outside tells the universe you are missing that thing within. Look inside yourself and you will see it has always been there. 

To manifest you must be grateful of what you have, so the universe knows you appreciate it and want more of it. Stop running away from what you have into the arms of what you are lacking, and you will grow a greater appreciation for what you have. Manifesting comes from a place of abundance, of having, not a place of lacking. 

Like a great many of Lao Tzu’s quotes, I find their meanings for me change over time, as new experiences are lived. I’d suggest two things to allow you to take full advantage of their wisdom: 

  1. Meditate on the meaning they have for you at the moment you read them, then let that feeling be. 
  2. If you revisit his writings at later time, don’t try to remember what each saying had when you first read them. 

I believe Lao Tzu also said the teacher will come when the student is ready. Treat each quote as a teacher who answers a need, and let each new meaning be what you are ready to learn in that moment… then let it be. 

Are you letting it be? 

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