“You cannot control what your children are exposed to. You can only influence the way they perceive it.” By MaybeMicha 

This quote crossed my path three time in two weeks. The first was during a conversation with my parents about trying to figure out what experiences from growing up influenced who I am today. I’m still not sure my parents completely agree with this statement. They verbalized it differently. The did their best to give me opportunities and experiences, as well as guiding values they hold dear. They shared what wisdom they had to share and then let me go with it all to use in my own way. The second was finding this quote while I was have a parental doubting moment regarding my daughter. The third happened during a phone call with my daughter. She’d been at camp for a few weeks already and most of her friends have left the camp that week. A new batch were coming in shortly. She asked if it was normal to be frightened to meet new people. I reminded her that she has a beautiful habit of be welcoming to strangers and making people feel comfortable.I also reminded her that she was the stranger last year and almost instantly made very close friends. I told her to just be herself and she has the perfect icebreaker in her welcoming personality. The rest is up to her and always will be. 

What are you teaching?

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