“If you can reach the place where you can joyfully live with the absence of what you want to manifest, because the presence of the idea is so delicious, then the presence of it must come to you, and will quickly.” By Abraham-Hicks

Oh boy, this one does require a little play to explore it. Try this out. Next time you go to your favourite restaurant and are looking through the menu for your favourite meal; once you’ve made your choice, close your eyes and remember the taste of it. Really experience the joy of that taste. Then order it and it will come. Sure this seems obvious. You ordered it and you know the restaurant has it so it will come. That is the crux of manifestation, of law of attraction, of The Secret! The first part is sensing what you want; more than thinking, you must feel it with all your senses. The second part is ordering what you want. Abraham would tell us there is no difference who you place the order with, be it a waiter or the universe, it will always come when you believe it will. You must believe with your whole being it is coming. The rest is equally important… you must let it be and/or allow it to come, then accept it.

Make a wish and let it be. It will come when it comes. Let it be & let it come. Don’t think about all the ways it might or might not come; just let it be. When it comes, you must accept it. Just like at the restaurant, when the meal comes, you can only eat it when you accept it. 

Do I seem far from this quote? I used the restaurant analogy to help with the idea of tasting how delicious the thing you want will be, before you even taste it. You almost always feel joyful anticipation and an increased hunger while waiting. It isn’t a feeling of lack, it is a feeling of anticipation and excitement. That is what you need to aim for when manifesting what you want. You no longer dwell on any feelings of not-having-it; you dwell on excitement at getting it. 

What do you want that you can taste?

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Meanings #12: I can live without it, so it must be coming…

    1. Interesting. I’ve not sure I’ve heard it put that way. Imagine living your dream for a few minutes and if you still like it, it will come. There’s something similar in some of the manifestation meditations I’ve read about: if you can hold a pure thought for 17 seconds, you will start manifesting it, if you hold it for 47 seconds you will Manar it happen.

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