“It’s not a matter of letting go – you would if you could. Instead of “Let it go” we should probably say “Let it be”. By Jon Kabat-Zinn

Every day I learn something new that either builds upon previous beliefs or shakes them apart into new ones. Last week I was exploring how to let go of stuff and then I read this quote. It put clarity on what was troubling me when I contemplated acceptance versus letting go. Letting go feels more like denial. Letting be is true acceptance. It eliminates judgement and, well, feels so much lighter. I feel like I have to somehow explain what I chose to let something go. However, letting it be allows me to use another of my favourite sayings: “it is, as it is.” 

This acceptance of reality as it is frees me from worry, from regret, from anxiety. It is an unshakable truth, until evidence to the contrary presents itself. Until then, why worry about it? Why even think about it, unless it is pleasant to do so? For a silly example: a show remains a shoe, until it can be proven to be a fig newton cookie. Alright, too silly? So be it. Feel it out for yourself. How do you feel when you accept something compared to letting go of something? 

What does this quote mean to you?


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