“The timing of manifestation depends on how much practice you give to feeling good versus feeling bad. Say to yourself “I’m on the path, it will reveal itself to me at the perfect time.”  By Abraham-Hicks

Don’t make any mistake about the meaning of this, happiness takes constant practice. The good thing is it really is a choice we make. I have my moments in my pity-pot, and I am aware that I am choosing to wallow there when I feel bad. The more I allow my awareness to shed light on what I’m doing, the easier it gets for me to choose happiness instead. 

Last week, I suggested looking at everything with a feeling of gratitude. Abraham-Hicks often tells questioners that everything happens for them, not to them. That little distinction makes such a big difference when we suffer from too much self-talk. Try it. This of some crap situation you’ve experienced. Now ask yourself “why did this happen for me?” How does it feel different from asking yourself: “why did it happen to me?”? “For me” just feels like a gift somehow. 

What can you say to yourself to shift how you perceive situations?

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