“The more you let go, the higher you rise.” By Peace Whisperer

A gentle reminder to not get attached to things, including ideas, thoughts, and feelings. An unfettered being remains open to every new opportunity. Perhaps unrealistic to most of us, but we can still practice this in part throughout our lives. 

I recently got a much needed pep talk from a dear friend that rekindled hopes about a dream project. While I feel it is much more possible this time around, mainly because we have both changed and our intentions, circumstances, and abilities are more in line with this opportunity; I feel it is important to adopt a let it be attitude. It will happen if and when it should. I, by no means suggest that no effort is needed to get it going, rather see what we do now as progress on the path to success. 

In looking at the work we did about a year ago on the project, I was amazed at how much was accomplished and how far we got on the journey to launching it. S**t happened and delayed things, but it never died. I’m so grateful I never deleted the notes and plans already made. We are able to take the groundwork and improve the progress yet again. Are you n to sure how this relates to letting go? I understand… let me try to explain.

The project was very exciting to me and still is. I didn’t let go of the project, I let go of the extra weight: my expectations, worries, and ego. We planted a seed and I’m tending them, but also letting them grow naturally. 

For those curious, there will be more to come about this here on The New Renaissance Mindset, and both my Instagram & LinkedIn feeds. A little incentive to keep your eyes peeled to these sites, the project is a new kind of business development, focused on inspirational  success stories and helping good businesses become as great as they want to be. Stay tuned! 

What can you et go to soar higher?

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