So, I felt I wasn’t quite finished with these Goya squares (I’m still unsure if I am) and had this one leftover that had a foot and bit of an arm on it. in my imagination, it turned into a pair of fish. Then there was one that contained a bit of a face, the lower part, in fact, so I taped it in closer and started to make the rest of the face and head.

The head became something etched in my memory from an old Creepy magazine: an exaggerated grotesque with ridiculously long hair. The last piece, with the cherubic face, became food for a larger fish.

I’m still not sure how this became some weird devil lounging about in his undersea realm of absurdities, but there you have it. I have to admit that the tombstone, for which the title of this piece derives, came into being because I didn’t feel like drawing another foot. I felt the foot-fish was enough to represent that appendage in this drawing.

As mentioned above, I think there are more of these weird drawings in me… we shall see. Feel free to send me fragments of images to play with!

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