“Strength is being able to stand in the same room as your trigger while not letting it get to you like it holds all the power.” By Kayil York

Perhaps this is a good definition for maturity. As I see it, I’ve learned to let some things go by starting to not react to whomever, or whatever is ticking me off. Eventually, I show no expression of frustration, at least I believe I don’t. Also, the frustration doesn’t linger as long after the trigger is out of my sight. 

Now, I wasn’t to take it a step further and embrace a more Zen attitude of letting it be. It’s a practice of non-engagement, or non-reaction. To say it’s an attitude of non-caring or to say it doesn’t matter just doesn’t feel quite right. I care about what is happening, and I’m listening to my feelings to guide a reaction. There’s a very large component of acceptance involved. Accepting that whatever it is… it is, as it is! I can’t change it, so let it be. Move on to other things. This has become most valuable with people who trigger me. 

By the way, pulling out that old chestnut about what we dislike most in others is what we dislike most in ourselves, isn’t as motivating as you’d think. For me, at least, it is downright demotivating. Do I really need more mantras to help lower my self-esteem? NOPE!!! Instead, practice Zen. Breathe. Move on. 

Do your triggers really matter to anyone but you?

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