“Once we give up being attached to physical possessions, we find the time and freedom to follow bigger dreams.” By Joshua Becker

Hmmmmm… let’s consider how it feels to have something new and expensive that we could hardly afford. Some of us worry a lot about it getting damaged or lost. We fret and do everything possible about keeping it in pristine condition. In some cases, we store it away in protective security where we can hardly ever enjoy it. It causes anxiety at least as much as pleasure. Well, maybe this is only me, but I doubt it. I’ve done this for years about items from books to clothing, from collectibles to some of my own artwork. In all cases, I’ve made excuses to not use them as they were intended: to give pleasure. In the case of my artwork, I’ve built a belief that I can’t sell it, because I can’t ship it safely and easily. Poop, I say! All excuses that limit enjoyment. All these excuses take energy and time to concoct, by the way. 

I have had a workshop full of unfinished projects that have driven me batty and I’ve allowed myself to get overwhelmed at which to start. Often opting to finish the ones I care about the least, especially when the finish line is easy and close. I tend to enjoy them the least as well, so my reward is crap on them. However, on occasion, my frustration delivers resolution and I toss out a load of projects when I respect that I’ve lost interest in them. This helps me see the rest clearer and often motivates me to move onto new creative ventures. 

I’ve never been able to see my growth in doing repetitive actions. I need to do new things and learn new things. It energizes me! 

What can you let go that will release you to move forward?

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Frequencies #16: 1-800 -GOT-JUNK?

  1. Lol…technology and fingers don’t always play nice! Our expensive things are a 1300’ home, and only one car between the two of us ….is what I meant. We could own so much more but choose less ,and better, to free up our lives. Follow Joshua and implement his philosophy in so many ways. Understand what you are saying.

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  2. Sorry Laurel,
    I meant to write that I wasn’t disputing your position.
    While I believe my current tech challenges with my phone might be why the “not” didn’t take, it might have been that I was arguing with your point. I apologize and want you to know I mean no disrespect. I remain deeply grateful to you for sharing your opinions.


    1. Dear Laurel,
      I’m disputing your personal enjoyment of expensive things, but I don’t agree that expensive things unilaterally deliver great feelings. In fact, I know a great many folks who have discovered such things to be trappings of wealth.
      Furthermore, I know of many who revel in simple pleasures and experiences far more than objects.
      You are bless d to enjoy what you have and your gratitude for these things is wonderful, however that is not necessarily the point of this quote.

      For me, it’s an affirmation that happiness starts from within. I need only choose happiness to become happy; things don’t do that, my way of reacting to what I have does.

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