“CLUTTER, it’s not just the stuff on the floor. It’s anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living.”  By Peter Walsh

Would you mind if I simply said: Yup, I agree? Well, I might. I completely agree with this. My house is physically cluttered and I’m working on ridding myself of the unnecessary. That will be easier than you can imagine, but only once the decision is made to do so, and you allow yourself to envision what everything looks like uncluttered. It’s a work in progress. 

The bigger and perhaps more important work in progress is decluttering the mind. There’s still loads of crap in there to let go and let be. The list contains regrets, envies, ego, and  a smattering of shoulds. I imagine it all tastes quite sour. Awareness is the broom I’m using to clear them away. It’s a very big task for me, so I’m gifting myself little success, but doing small chucks at a time. 

What does it feel like when you imagine getting rid of some of your stuff?

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