“Every time you decide, you shift. Choose who you want to be and you will shift into that version of yourself.” By Bentinho Massaro

I came a cross Bentinho Massaro a few years ago and watched his videos with my wife.  He was talking about the key to manifestation. No elaborate practices, meditations, exercises, just the simple and consistent practice of keeping a single thought. Well, I’m simplifying this a little. He did recommend meditations. The key was to keep a single thought in your mind. Not as easy as it seems, at first, but it does get easier. His videos were from his seminars. He had people in the audience ask him questions about what they wanted and why they didn’t get it. He then replied with questions and statements that gave the audience member no chance to deviate from the focus of the thought. I’ve see Tony Robbins do this too. 

I forgot about these kinds of teachings. Every time a doubt, an excuse, a side thought enters your mind, you need a way to say to it “F*** NO!” Decide the direction you want to go. That’s it. Every time you deviate, remind yourself of your decision. Decide to go back to it. Shift your thoughts and energies back to your thought. Every thought  you decide to follow, takes you into that new direction. So, decide where you want to go. Do it over and over and over again. That is how you get where you want to be, who you want to be. Decide it and you become it. 

What do you want to decide to do?

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